MCACA Minigrant Resources

Following are guidelines and resources to support your minigrant arts projects or professional development work.  For questions, technical assistaMCACA_LOGO_FINAL PNGnce or suggestions, please contact Mary Gillett, MCACA Region 2 regrant coordinator at

Further information about Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and its other grant programs is available at:

Northsky Nonproft Network, a program of Rotary Charities ofNorthSky Logo JPG
Traverse City, has served as the regranting agency for Region 2 (former Region 10) since FY2010. Mary Bevans Gillett has served as the regrant administrator through NorthSky since 2009.

Please note key deadlines:

  • E-Grant  is open for Round 1, FY 2019 minigrant applications  (mcaca.egrant.netplease use past log-in & password.)  
  • August 3, 2018: All Minigrant Project applications and Minigrant Professional & Organizational (POD) applications due by 11:59pm EDT
  • January 15, 2019 (Round 2), if funding is available:  All Minigrant Project applications and Minigrant Professional & Organizational (POD) applications due by 11:59pm EDT. Please note Round 2 is only held when funding is available and will be limited. Applicants are urged to apply during Round 1.
  • October 1, 2018 – September 30,  2019:  Funding cycle for FY2019.  Projects may take place anytime during the 12-month cycle.
  • September 30, 2019:  FY 2019 funding cycle ends.  Final reports due. Submit via (see guidelines below)

For Current Grantees (FY2018, ending September 30, 2018)
Final reports are due 30 days after your project is completed and must be submitted to: Please log in with the same username and password used when submitting the original application. Final report guidelines can be downloaded below. Final report tips can be linked here.

MCACA FY18 Final Report – Minigrant Projects (not POD)

MCACA FY18 Final Report – Minigrant Professional & Organizational Development (POD) 

For other MCACA final report guidelines, link here to download from the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs site.

For Minigrant Applicants (FY 2019)
Applications will be accepted for minigrant projects or professional development (POD) taking place between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019. Guidelines can be downloaded below.  Applications for Round 1 are due on August 3, 2018.   (If there are funds available after Round 1, a Round 2 will be held with a deadline of January 15, 2019.

MCACA FY19 Minigrant Project Guidelines 

MCACA FY19 Minigrant POD Guidelines

Budget Template MCACA (for reference, included in application)

MCACA Assurances (required attachment)

Tips to use the e-grant system, link here.

Additional grant guidelines are available on the MCACA site for: Operational Support, Project Support, Capital Improvements and Arts in Education Residency

 Give Us Credit!

Arts advocacy is essential to furthering support for arts and culture in Michigan. Please share your stories of arts, culture and community.

All grant recipients are required to acknowledge support by the Council by displaying the MCACA and NEA logos.

A copy of MCACA’s acknowledgement requirements and promotional toolkit is available here.

Dowloadable MCACA and NEA logos can be accessed below. For additional assistance or questions, contact Mary Gillett at


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